l Capable of detecting a dozen of explosives and drugs in trace amounts

l equipped with 3.5-inch LCD touch screen

l Cerified by authorized inspection center of the Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China, pass CE, EMC& environment certification

l High test efficiency, very simple and convenient for use


l Capable of detecting dozens of explosives and drugs in trace amounts

l Having remote monitoring, network connection function

l The automatic calibration function ensuring the detector is in the best detection status at all time

l High definition 5-inch LCD touch screen significantly improves user experience


l The world's first portable dual-tube dual-mode detector capable of detecting dozens of explosives and drugs simultaneously

l The newly designed IMS tube significantly improves the resolving power of the detector

l High definition 5-inch LCD touch screen

Our Competitive Advantages

Creative innovation technology

Led by a Ph.D from Stanford University, a world-leading ion mobility spectrometer with new generation of vacuum ultraviolet photoionization source is developed. It is very safe with no radioactive hazard material, while has a detection limit at picogram level. It is capable of detecting dozens of trace explosives and drugs, including TATP, HMTD, chlorate, fentanyl and other contraband substances.

First-class quality assurance

The company operates in strict accordance with the IOS9000 (2018 edition) system and has been certified by the internationally renowned third-party certification agency TUV Rheinland. The product quality is excellent, and the performance is highly consistent, in line with the ATMS E2025 international standard for trace explosives detectors.

Excellent after-sales service

l Quick response - 24 hours online after-sales service; 1-hour response time for maintenance request;

l Two-year warranty - Within two years, you can enjoy free warranty service with the detector;

l Lifetime maintenance - Provide lifetime technical consulting and maintenance services for the detector;

l Regular inspection - The service engineer visits the equipment on-site regularly to inspect and maintain the detector to ensure good operating condition.

Excellent double blind test results

Led by a well-known expert in the forensic science field in the United States, the detector successfully detects under strict double-blind test conditions

l Remnants of gunpowder on the edge of the bullet hole on the shirt of a victim from the gun-shot crime 3 years ago

l Residue of gunshot on the back of the hand after shooting a pistol

l Remains of nanogram-lever fentanyl on the surface of the shoulder bag

l Drug remnants on the cut nails of drug dealers

IMS Introduction
Product Application on Criminal Investigation Area

Application Area

       IMS detection technology is a very sensitive (ng / pg) fast (sub-second) method to detect and confirm the types of prohibited substances. The sample does not require any pre-treatment before detection, which can achieve real-time on-line on-site detection. The test environment has a wide range of adaptability.

       Ion mobility spectrometer also has the advantages of being portable, easy to operate, and easy to maintain. It is an internationally recognized designated detection method for trace explosives and drugs. It is widely used in public safety and anti-drug fields. It can detect trace amount of explosives and suspicious drugs, effectively prevent terrorist bomb attacks. The detector can be used for security checks and anti-drugs in airports, railway, subway, public security, large public events, government office buildings, courts, banks, high-end hotels, large commercial centers, key departments of industrial and mining enterprises, borders and customs, churches, mosques and other places.


Portable, Safe, Sensitive and Accurate, Extendable

Compared with the radiation ion source, VUV photoionization is used to avoid radioactive hazadous which may occur due to equipment failure, theft and storage/disposal.

Improved IMS resolution and the auto-calibration enabling more accurate spectrum measurement, resulting more powerful detection.

Better than other similar products,detects dozens of explosives and drugs, including hard-to-detect contraband items such as TATP,  potassium chlorate,  barium nitrate and fentanyl.

Adopts modularized design through interface and index information,  enabling customized detection project and content,  as expansibility more flexible.

Striving for survival on the basis of quality and development on reputation


Rytrum Technology Inc. a technology company, was established in March 2015.It is led by a PhD from Stanford University and executives

                                                  with management experience from internationally renowned high-techcompanies.

      Rytrum Technology is engaged in the development, production, marketing and after-sales service of special analytical instruments.

     It is committed to the core technology innovation and commercialization of trace and high-precision chemical analytical instruments.

Dozens of

After-sales Service

Capable of detecting dozens of explosives and narcotics in trace amounts

Intellectual Property Backup and Exclusive patent protection